We all cultivate and put out energy into the world. However, all energies aren’t the same. Some bring about synergy while others are an encumbrance, so we should first be mindful of our own output and then take special note of the output of those around us. Especially those that are comprised of our inner circle.

There are simply some people whose energy diminishes you; we know these people; they even suck away your own energy and this obviously isn’t fruitful to achieving whatever it is you’re striving towards. There’s only so much energy we each can harness at any given time and to have it constantly siphoned away is a bit of a tragedy as we’d never be able to effectively move through our process to get where we need to be.

It’s necessary to take stock of our circle of energy and clear all that isn’t positively adding value to our lives. We’re responsible for the quality of energy we contribute but we’re just as responsible for the quality of energy we surround ourselves with.


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