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What is this about?

The Phantom Art Project is essentially an idea centered around using art to enrich lives as a form of community service.


The Phantom Art Drop

Simply, it involves creating pieces of art then coupling each with its own hand-written letter. These are then left in a public space for you or anyone else to find and pick-up. The art is yours to keep and the letter is yours to read.

About Me

I’m just an average person who’s trying to care more. That’s all I’m trying to do – care. In doing so it also meant I had to do something more, and that’s what this project is.

Product Coming Soon

I’m working on creating and bringing a few items to an online store. My hope is to make this beneficial not only to the buyer but to a wider community.

Last Posts

A collection of a few of my thoughts, ramblings and musings.

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