The zeal we have for the things that matter to us in life all depend on how much energy there is to spend. There’s something I’m especially guilty of; that’s pouring energy into people and things that simply don’t deserve it, exhausting one’s energy stores to the point where there’s nothing left for yourself. Now while there’s merit in giving, it’s tragic to have given into fruitless efforts with the idea of being selfless.

On top of which being deprived of the ability to then sow a good seed which might have benefited a lot more people. I would like to believe it stems from a lack of understanding when it comes to saying “No”. But ‘No’ doesn’t necessarily equate to being selfish or mean but rather can be the opposite, such that we know just how much we can do, thereby avoiding stretching ourselves too thin. Being overextended isn’t accomplishing much but rather doing much horribly.

Saying no can be a kindness, sparing ourselves from subpar offerings due to a heavily split mind and heart. In the end no one is fully satisfied, especially you who’s extending all this energy. I personally think that proper management of oneself and one’s energy is imperative to succeeding in life. When we’re constantly void of the resource needed to do good work we leave ourselves open to the gathering of the proverbial dust that is wasted time and effort.

Clogging and sticking, making it difficult to move and that much harder to cultivate new energy as there’s now this mock in place of what should rightfully be free flowing verve. We ought to be mindful of where and how our energy is spent if we ever plan on achieving anything worthwhile in life.


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