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December 2019


I take the notion of the 'grind' as a mechanism to survive the distance between 'start' and 'achievement' . We typically start a venture already looking ahead to see how far again we have to go. Seeing the vast distance yet to be covered is sometimes discouraging, even disheartening, especially living in a world gripped by immediate gratification. But with the grind we set the goal, we line ourselves up, we put our heads down and then we work. We focus on putting in the time, the effort, improving on skill, acquiring knowledge...defining and refining ourselves and our processes, all......

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About the Writings

The humble ramblings of an artist. Our lives are stories and stories matter, and so they should be shared for all our benefit. This is why I write these. They are thoughts and ideas stemming from our shared lives. In hopes of us learning and growing together.

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