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September 2019


We all cultivate and put out energy into the world. However, all energies aren't the same. Some bring about synergy while others are an encumbrance, so we should first be mindful of our own output and then take special note of the output of those around us. Especially those that are comprised of our inner circle. There are simply some people whose energy diminishes you; we know these people; they even suck away your own energy and this obviously isn't fruitful to achieving whatever it is you're striving towards. There's only so much energy we each can harness at any......

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The zeal we have for the things that matter to us in life all depend on how much energy there is to spend. There's something I'm especially guilty of; that's pouring energy into people and things that simply don't deserve it, exhausting one's energy stores to the point where there's nothing left for yourself. Now while there's merit in giving, it's tragic to have given into fruitless efforts with the idea of being selfless. On top of which being deprived of the ability to then sow a good seed which might have benefited a lot more people. I would like......

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Time for another round of thought sharing. I've been thinking about the fascination we all have with the individual's uniqueness. In today's world we deem ourselves special; separate and apart from everything else. Then I came across the words of Neil deGrasse Tyson that reflects my feelings on this notion and I could not have articulated it any better:  " We have come to define significance as 'I'm special and everything else isn't'. Religions thinking they're special. Cultures thinking they're special. Individuals thinking they're special. The top four ingredients in life; in your body...the top four atoms in order are......

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Your life as it is right now is as real as it will ever be. It won't by any measure be more real in the future. It won't be more real when you complete school, when you get that job, when you get into or out of that relationship. When you offload the burden of financial or health problems. Truth is, these hindering factors - these embarrassing, tedious, tiring and annoying obstacles - are the crux of what it is to be human. To live imperfectly yet still matter. It's just life. Accept how real that is....

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About the Writings

The humble ramblings of an artist. Our lives are stories and stories matter, and so they should be shared for all our benefit. This is why I write these. They are thoughts and ideas stemming from our shared lives. In hopes of us learning and growing together.

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