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January 2020


 In taking a closer look at my unfortunate lack of self-discipline, something came to mind. 'Feelings' are the first hurdle. You simply don't feel like it. The will simply isn't there no matter what the reason might be. We can't force ourselves to want to do something but we can definitely force ourselves to do it anyway. Grit!. The feeling does not limit what you're actually capable of doing, it only serves as an excuse...A way to let yourself off the hook if you will, from doing what you know you ought to be doing. I find that as a......

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So having acknowledged my chosen 'nature' and realising the ability to grind; showing up and sitting down to work to enable inspiration to find me at the most opportune moment; should have solved all productivity problems. It hasn't. Even with the new found sense of dedication there's a lot of time slipping away where nothing much is accomplished except in wishing that much more could be done. It's because I'm busy ... things are being done but nothing worthwhile is. This term busy I realise isn't synonyms with productivity. Thomas Edison said it best I think " Being busy does......

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About the Writings

The humble ramblings of an artist. Our lives are stories and stories matter, and so they should be shared for all our benefit. This is why I write these. They are thoughts and ideas stemming from our shared lives. In hopes of us learning and growing together.

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